State Fleet Emergency Roadside Assistance


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In the vehicle packet of every State of Colorado Fleet vehicle, there should be a National Automobile Club (NAC) card. This service is for AFTER-HOURS emergencies only for Colorado State Fleet Vehicles only. The first rule when on the road is safety. If the vehicle is disabled in an unsafe situation, get to safety at once! If necessary, contact law enforcement and alert them to any road safety compromises. During business hours contact SFM at 800-356-3846, explain the situation, and Fleet personnel will make arrangements as warranted. 

State Government Vehicles Only: Call the National Auto Club (NAC) at 800-328-7272 (account number: 8503759-000) AFTER-HOURS emergencies only for Colorado State Fleet Vehicles only; use the fuel card for this service. Another option includes the CDOT Geico Patrol.

If safety is NOT a concern, determine if you are able to solve the problem yourself. For example:

  • Vehicle out of fuel: Is there a fueling station within safe walking distance?
  • Vehicle Overheats: NEVER remove an overheated vehicle's radiator cap. Wait for the vehicle to cool down and drive a short distance (less than 2-3 miles) to a shop.
  • Flat tire: NEVER drive on a flat or damaged tire. Are you capable of changing a tire yourself?
  • Dead battery: Is there someone around that can jump-start, provided you know how to use jumper cables?
  • Locked out: Does someone nearby have a spare key (SFM does not keep spare keys for vehicles).
  • If a self-service option is not possible AND it is after-hours, then call NAC.

Remember: Each driver is responsible for knowing about spare tires and jacks as well as monitoring the fluid and fuel levels in the vehicle operated. If the battery is low, call Fleet to authorize a replacement. Same for tire treads. Watch the fuel and fluid levels. If there is neglect of driver's responsibilities, the assigned agency may be billed directly for emergency or other services.



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