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Main Operations

State Fleet Management
1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-18 | Denver, CO 80216
Toll Free: 800-723-8023 | Metro Denver: 303-866-5222

Phone Tree Options

  • Authorizations for Repairs — Press 1
  • Accidents — Press 2
  • Accounts Payable — Press 3
  • Billing — Press 4
  • Fuel Cards — Press 5
  • Motor Pool — Press 6
  • New Vehicles — Press 7
  • Used Vehicles — Press 8
  • Repeat Message — Press 9
  • All Other Calls — Press 0 

Business Hours of Operation
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Monday - Friday


Fuel & Fuel Card Management

Fuel Card Disruptions | Fuel Card Inquiries | Lost/Stolen/Damaged Fuel Cards | Fraud Investigations
Fuel Invoices | Fuel Reimbursement EV/CNG/Petro/All other | EV Usage | Fuel Reporting

During business hours contact SFM:

Christyn Collins
Transportation Fuels Specialist

Outside normal business hours, contact the vendor directly.
WEX: 800-842-0071
ChargePoint: 888-758-4389

Authorizations — Maintenance/Service

Analysis | Assessment | Call Center | Repair Authorizations | Repair History

Toll Free: 800-356-3846
Metro Denver: 303-866-5566
FAX: 303-866-5580

Call Center Inquiries: dpa_callcenter@state.co.us

Accident — Subrogation/Restitution

Accident Processing | Reporting | Recovery | Subrogation

All collisions involving State-owned vehicles must have an incident completed in the * Origami reporting portal*.

This link should direct you to the State Fleet incident Entry page where you will start the form by clicking the button "Submit a new incident". If you are directed to a page requiring you to log in, this is incorrect. Close that page and refer to our Origami article that includes more detailed steps to access the form.* 


Nick Calabrese
Call Center | Collision Specialist

Risk Management — Accident Insurance

Insurance | Liability Claims

Toll Free: 800-268-8092
Metro Denver: 303-866-3848

Motor Pool


Motor Pool Vehicle Rentals

Motor Pool 
1525 Sherman St., B-65 | Denver, CO 80203
303-866-3030 (Please leave a voicemail if no answer)

dpa_centralmotorpool@state.co.us dca.colorado.gov/state-fleet-management/motor-pool-rental

Business Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  |  Office is often monitored remotely
Lost & Found – call to make an appointment

Yvette Hale

Bryce Evans
Technical Service & Motor Pool Manager


Motor Pool Reservations

You must set-up an account with the Motor Pool prior to making a reservation. Call 303-866-3030 or click here to register for a new account.

If you are already have an account, click on the link below to make a reservation.
Motor Pool reservations 24-hours a day — Downtown Denver & 6060 Broadway locations

Accounting - Billing - Invoicing



Accounts Receivable | CARS & Motor Billing Inquiries | CARS Coding | CORE Accounting Templates | Mileage Logs | New/Remove CDU | Updates Internal Transfers | Utilization Changes | Vehicle Rates


Kim Oeleis
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Sulabh Subedi


Accounts Payable | Agency Fuel & Maintenance/Car Wash Invoices | Individual Fuel Reimbursements | Vendor Invoice Processing

During business hours contact:

Alicia Ramirez
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Sulabh Subedi

Outside normal business hours, contact the vendor directly.
For fuel card inquiries, see Fuel Card Management section above under the General Contacts.

Vehicle Allocation Team (VAT)


New Vehicle Orders — Deliveries

Lease Terms | New Vehicle Deliveries | New Vehicle Orders | New Vehicle Titles/Registrations


Terry Sisneros
New Vehicle Coordinator

Israel Montoya
New Vehicle Assistant 

Delisa Vanevenhoven
Titling & Receiving Coordinator

Jay Hilliard
Vehicle Allocation Team Supervisor

Used Vehicles — Auctions

Auctions | Emissions Test Inquiries | Short Term/Rotation/Loaner Vehicles | UER/Accident &  Replacement Vehicles | Used Vehicle Registrations/Titles | Vehicle Turn Ins


Jay Hilliard
Vehicle Allocation Team Supervisor

Technical Services - Call Center - Collisions - Recalls


Call Center — Collisions — Recalls

Accidents | Authorizations | PM Inquiries | Stolen/Vandalized Vehicles | Vehicle Recalls

Vehicle Damage Repairs | Maintenance | Accident Inquiries — dpa_collisions@state.co.us

Recall Related Inquiries — dpa_statefleetrecalls@state.co.us

All Call Center Inquiries — dpa_callcenter@state.co.us 


Mike Maestas
Call Center | Authorizations

Sean Murphy
Call Center | Authorizations

Nick Calabrese
Call Center | Collision Specialist

Bryce Evans
Technical Service Manager
Call Center | Collisions | Motor Pool | MVAC

Motor Vehicle Advisory Council Info

The Motor Vehicle Advisory Council serves as a communication tool for delivering, collecting, and sharing fleet-related information among participating agencies.


Training & Support


Fleet Application Support & Training (FAST)

CARS Access | CARS Training | Fleet Training | Fleet System Issues & Troubleshooting | Geotab Telematics Access | Geotab Telematics Training | Training Requests — submit a ticket to the SFM Help Desk

Training Opportunities | Knowledge Basego to the SFM Help Desk


Renee McCracken
Fleet Applications Support & Training Manager


Christyn Collins
Fleet Applications Support &
Training Specialist


Evan Hofmockel
Fleet Applications Support &
Data Specialist


Jorge Macias
Fleet Applications Support &
Training Specialist


Alla Babayeva (OIT)
CARS Development & Support


Management Resources


SFM Leadership

Contact our leadership team if none of the contacts mentioned above can address your needs or respond in a reasonable amount of time. Also, please reach out to us directly to report any employee-related or program-related issues.

Scott Edwards
State Fleet Manager


René Ahl
Assistant State Fleet Manager



Department of Personnel & Administration Management

Website — If at any time you cannot find what you are looking for throughout the website or if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.


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SFM Help Desk & Knowledge Base — Please visit the Fleet web portal to access system links such as CARS, MyCars, GEOTAB Telematics, fleet coordinator support, training opportunities, webinars, MVAC minutes, and submit help tickets as well as other fleet-related materials and information.

State Fleet Management
1001 E. 62nd Ave., A-18 | Denver, CO 80216
Toll Free: 800-723-8023 | Metro: 303-866-5222
Hours of Operation
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Monday - Friday

State Fleet Management