Motor Pool Rental

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Fleet's Motor Pool provides quality service to state employees in need of a vehicle for just a few hours up to a month. We offer competitive daily rates that include fuel, insurance, mileage, maintenance, and roadside assistance. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by renting a hybrid, CNG sedan, or an E85 flexible fuel vehicle.

Daily Rental Rates

$45 — Sedans & Hybrids

$45 — BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles — promotional)

$65 — Minivans

$70 — SUVs (Four-Wheel Drive/4WD)

Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Rental Options

You must set-up an account with the Motor Pool prior to making a reservation. Call 303-866-3030 or click here to register for a new account.

If you are already have an account, click on the link below to make a reservation.

Motor Pool reservations 24-hours a day


1525 Sherman St., B-65 Denver, CO 80203
303-866-3030 (Please leave a voicemail if no answer)




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