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State Fleet Management (SFM) exists to facilitate motor vehicle operations for State employees and managers. SFM manages vehicle acquisition, fuel, maintenance/repairs, and billing so State employees can concentrate their efforts on program missions.

State Fleet Management is recognized as an officially Accredited Sustainable Fleet. SFM was created by the Legislature during fiscal year 1992. One of the primary goals of establishing SFM was to optimize the use of taxpayer dollars for the performance of essential tasks, which benefit the citizens of Colorado. Centralizing everything from vehicle purchasing to maintenance to fuel, the State — and its taxpayers — can realize significant savings by negotiating low cost, volume contracts. Please review Fleet's Rules, starting with Rule 1 CCR 103-1, 2.00 and the Colorado State Statute, Part 11, Division of Central Services (Fleet used to be a unit within the Division of Central Services before the transition in 2016). To inquire about rates, please contact SFM or view the DCA Rates page.


Officially Green

As of January 2017, the national NAFA Fleet Management Association accredits Colorado State Fleet Management as a Sustainable Fleet. This means the State of Colorado has successfully demonstrated that a credible sustainability plan is in place and real, meaningful progress is being made toward reducing total emissions and the negative environmental impact made by extraneous carbon fuel usage. Colorado’s State Fleet is one of the true pioneers of this program.

The program is among a league of worldwide fleets that have achieved standards recognized for concrete improvements in air quality through reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency, and reducing fuel consumption.

The purpose of this accreditation process is twofold, 1) To ensure the State is on the correct path to achieve the goals of the Executive Order D 2015-013, and 2) Achieve recognition for the efforts of the DPA staff, the efforts of the Greening Government Leadership Council (GGLC), and the many agency staff on the front lines that work towards the goal of a better Colorado.



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SFM Help Desk & Knowledge Base — Please visit the Fleet web portal to access system links such as CARS, MyCars, GEOTAB Telematics, fleet coordinator support, training opportunities, webinars, MVAC minutes, and submit help tickets as well as other fleet-related materials and information.

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