Maintenance & Authorizations

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The following steps will guide you through the maintenance process for your State Fleet vehicle(s)

  1. Confirm routine maintenance repair is needed through MyCars or Agency Fleet Coordinator. Unplanned needed repairs continue to step two.
  2. Find an Active SFM Service Provider in your area.
  3. Call the selected service provider to schedule an appointment.
  4. When you arrive at your appointment, inform the repair vendor that they need to contact the SFM Authorization Call Center at (800) 356-3846 to receive authorization before performing any maintenance or repairs to the vehicle. The technician should be prepared to provide the following information to the call center representative:
    1. License Plate
    2. Vehicle Identification Number
    3. Odometer
    4. Parts and Associated Costs
    5. Number of Labor Hours and Costs
    6. Any other pertinent information

It is important to understand the vehicle preventive maintenance (PM) schedule. The MyFleet interface provides up-to-date PM schedules, based on reported mileage. The interface displays when a vehicle is due for an oil change, brake service, coolant flush, etc.

SFM requires drivers to monitor fluid levels and tire pressure between scheduled preventive maintenance, so check these while fueling your vehicle. Also be aware of leaks, noises, warning lights and changes in tire pressure. If these, or other non-urgent events occur, please find an Active SFM Service Provider in your area and take the vehicle in for servicing. All maintenance and repairs must be authorized, please follow the maintenance process above.

Safety is a priority for SFM, please refer to the SFM Vehicle Operators Manual (updated 11/2021) either online or in the vehicle glove compartment for more details. If you have any additional questions, contact the automotive repair experts in the SFM Authorization Call Center at (800) 356-3846.

Please note: the processes listed above are for routine maintenance and repairs. Please check the Emergency Roadside Assistance procedures if you or a team member are stranded on the side of the road.

Authorizations for Repairs

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Fleet Call Center Contact Information
Phone: 303-866-5566 | Toll-Free: 800-356-3846 | Fax: 303-866-5580

The State Fleet Call Center technicians are able to monitor service and repair requests for state vehicles. These technicians use their expertise in automotive operations along with information from the CARS database to ensure that needed work is performed at a fair and reasonable cost to the State. By checking maintenance schedules, history, and reported mileage, they are able to recommend work to be done at the same time as the requested work to save operators from making a second trip and to prevent duplicate work from being completed. This team also provides valuable guidance regarding the cost-effectiveness of repairs on vehicles approaching the end of their life cycle as well as full accident processing. For questions about State Garage Guidelines please refer to our documents section.


Please use the Fleet mailbox to submit completed recalls, ask about recall related communications, or for recall related questions: dpa_statefleetrecalls@state.co.us.

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Vehicle Damage Repairs and Accident Inquiries: dpa_collisions@state.co.us

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