Motor Vehicle Advisory Council (MVAC)

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The primary role of the MVAC is to offer guidance and provide recommendations to improve the State Fleet Management program to the benefit of the State and participating agencies. Each agency is required to assign a Fleet Coordinator to manage the fleet operational duties as per the Fleet rules. Guidance can be found in the Fleet Coordinator Handbook.

There is an email specifically for the MVAC: SFM will monitor this email account daily. This is NOT a replacement for your regular contacts with SFM business but to support the MVAC members by having another means of communication with State Fleet Management.


MVAC Tasks

  1. To serve as a communication vehicle for delivering, collecting, and sharing fleet related information among participating agencies.
  2. To identify problems and issues related to the State's fleet and recommend solutions or alternatives including but not limited to:
    1. Vehicle Specification Standards
    2. Repair and Maintenance Procedures
    3. Operational Through-Puts
    4. Optimizing Resources
    5. Explore new technologies and processes
  3. To propose and formulate new policies and changes to existing policies as necessary to stay current with laws, rules, technology, and the evolving needs of state vehicle users.
  4. To identify and prioritize enhancements and functionality within the CARS system to improve overall efficiency and to provide information to the users of the system that is timely, relevant, and useful.

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SFM Help Desk — Please visit the new web portal to access system links such as CARS, MyCars, and GEOTAB Telematics, fleet coordinator support, training opportunities, webinars, MVAC minutes, submit help tickets as well as other fleet-related materials and information.

State Fleet Management
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