Key & Access Requests

Set of keys in office door lock

Key Request Procedure

NOTICE: As of April 1, 2020, we will NOT be accepting cash payments until further notice. Please make payments by CHECK ONLY. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we will update the website accordingly.

  1. All office/closet door, cabinet, and desk key requests must be made through the ASACK system*. This web-based system is run by the State Patrol.

    *NOTE: To gain access to the ASACK system, you must use your State email address through the State's VPN connection or be logged into your computer through a State network.

    NOTE: Keys MUST be requested by the individual who will actually receive it. An Authorized Individual (AI) may not request a key for anyone else. Only the AI may approve a key. Capitol Complex is limited in the types of key blanks that can be provided for furniture; Capitol Complex may not be able to make extra keys for cabinets, desks, etc. In those instances, the requesting agency will be required to call an independent locksmith.

  2. Upon approval of the key request through ASACK, the AI should contact the Help Desk at 303-866-4357 or use the Requestor Module online to have a work order submitted to the Access/Key Shop to create the key, if you do not have a log in to created the work order, please contact System Administrator via email at dpa_ccf_ordering@state.co.us. Keys will NOT be cut without a request being processed through the ASACK Website*.

    *NOTE: To gain access to the ASACK system, you must use your State email address through the State's VPN connection or be logged into your computer through a State network.

  3. The AI or their alternate will obtain the key from Capitol Complex, and then assign the key to the requester. If the AI isn't available to receive the key, they key will be held in the key shop until the AI can receive it.

  4. Only the original requestor (the person receiving the key(s) permanently) may sign the Key Agreement. No exceptions.

  5. The AI must provide a copy of the signed Key Agreement to Capitol Complex. This agreement will be kept in the official file in the Access/Key Shop. Complete, sign, and scan the Key Agreement, and submit it to the Key Shop.

  6. If a key is being transferred from one employee to another, the AI must complete a new Key Agreement, with signatures, and email the form to the Access/Key Shop.

Set of keys in a file cabinet

Security & Lost Keys

  1. Keys should not be left in a desk or other "hiding place" for others to use. They should be locked in a key box or other secure receptacle with limited access.

  2. Keys returned to the AI, and not being reassigned, shall not be kept as extra key stock, but returned to the Access/Key Shop by calling the Help Desk at 303-866-4357. A Capitol Complex employee will pick up the key and paperwork from the AI.

  3. CHECK ONLY There is a $25.00 charge for lost keys, no exceptions. This $25.00 fee must be received prior to the issuance of a replacement key. Payment by CHECK must be made payable to the State of Colorado.

  4. For security reasons, if a master key or a sub-master key is lost, the Agency may or will be required to pay for the rekeying of all doors and all replacement keys.




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