LED Lighting Campaign

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Governor Polis is dedicated to moving Colorado's electric grid to 100% renewable sources by 2040.

The first step toward 100% renewables is to increase energy efficiency. In support of this effort, the Department of Personnel & Administration's Division of Capital Assets were currently exploring environment and energy policies that would accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable resources and energy efficiency programming within its two units, Capitol Complex Facilities Management and State Fleet.

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State Buildings & LED Lighting Focus (2019/2020)

Since 2003, DPA and Capitol Complex have been at the forefront of energy efficiency by using Energy Performance Contracts to assess energy conservation throughout our state agencies. The State Capitol became LEED certified back in 2005 and was the first State Capitol nationwide to hold this achievement.

Now, continuing to move forward and aligning with Governor Polis' Environment and Renewables goal, Capitol Complex contracted with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to install LED lighting across all Capitol Complex managed buildings for phase one.

In order to accomplish this goal, the ESCO's consultants needed to audit all existing lighting first. Consultants were onsite auditing light fixtures in all areas throughout the buildings. The following Capitol Complex managed buildings that are under the current Energy Performance Contract are mentioned below were completed by June 30, 2019.

Phase I — State Managed Buildings in Audit (Completed)

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Phase II — Installation of LED Lighting (Completed)

In January 2020, Capitol Complex technicians began initiating phase two. ESCO technicians replaced all existing incandescent or fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting by the end of June 2020. The new LED light bulbs will reduce the demand and usage on Capitol Complex's energy grid utility line.



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Contract & Audit

Q. What is an Energy Performance Contract?
A. Energy performance contracting is a way to pay for the renewal of a buildings utilities infrastructure with guaranteed utility cost savings.

Q. What is an ESCO and what do they do?
A. Energy Services Company — They analyze utility bills and conduct an Investment Grade Audit of buildings and facilities.

Q. What is an Investment Grade Audit (IGA)?
A. The ESCO will create an IGA report and project proposal of facilities improvement measures with associated utility cost savings.

Q. What will the ESCO be auditing?
A. Primary focus will be LED lighting throughout all Capitol Complex buildings. Additionally the ESCO will look at chill water, air distribution, and steam systems.

Q. Why do we use Energy Performance Contracting?
A. Energy conservation by replacing old inefficient equipment with current technologies. Utility cost savings pay for the capital improvements such as HVAC systems, boilers for heating, pumps, light fixtures, water efficiencies, and renewable energy installations.

Contacts & Tenant Notices

Q. Who should I contact if I experience an LED lighting issue?
A. The Capitol Complex Help Desk at 303-866-4357.

Q. How do I sign up for Tenant Notices for my building?
A. Have a co-worker forward a Tenant Notice email to you and click on the 'Join our mailing list' button at the bottom. You can also call Tara Fick at 303-866-2368.